What Is L6?

L6 stands for Level 6, and in Jonathan Burke’s Tactical Jiu-Jitsu Training Program, he focuses on six incredibly important core values that make up the levels of the program:



A huge part of personal safety is the mental attitude or mindset that people have. Now we understand that being mentally prepared is both easy and difficult. It’s easy to learn information but difficult to know if when the threat or threatening situation occurs will be able to remember all of the information we’ve learned. We are here to tell you YES YOU ARE! My Tactical Jiu-Jitsu Training Program™️ has simple, easy to follow and understand tactical tips and educational points that anyone can learn, retain and remember to execute in order to stay safe and have a strong capability to recognize, avoid, prevent and even address a threat or threatening situation should one show its face. Having the right mindset is EVERYTHING!


If your body isn’t healthy, you’re not ready to defend yourself. L6 Tactical isn’t an exercise routine, but through the program, you will train your body not only for combat but for a healthier life as well. That doesn’t mean you have to be some shredded superman. But it does mean taking care of yourself and getting in the best shape that you can be. My Tactical Jiu-Jitsu Training Program is going to help you train to control your body. Safety is a lifestyle change, and part of that involves shaping yourself physically to live that lifestyle. We’ll help you get there.


My Tactical Jiu-Jitsu Training Program™️ covers everything from someone approaching you to getting in your personal space, grabbing you by the arm, the shoulder the neck the waist etc. It also address how to execute some simple physical solutions to buy yourself the time you need it takes to get away. What if someone grabs you from behind? What if they get in your face? What if they try to grab your purse? What if they throw a sucker punch at you? What if [FILL IN THE BLANK WITH ANY SCENARIO YOU CAN THINK OF], my Tactical Jiu-Jitsu Training Program™️ has you COVERED! Remember that self-defense is about preventing, protecting and removing yourself from a threat or threatening situation, not staying and fighting. Understanding how to protect yourself with self-defense is easier than you think, especially with my program.


My Tactical Jiu-Jitsu Training Program™️ utilizes striking or strikes much differently then most of the world knows how to or believes how to use them. You see, there is always someone who can deliver a more powerful punch or take a good punch etc. Plus, anyone can knock anyone out on any given moment. Trained fighters with high level striking skill sets still get knocked out by others who are trained also and we’ve seen people get knocked out through some accidental “flail” punch when an untrained person just throws their arm at the head and hits. Training in striking might mitigate the risk of getting knocked out but it doesn’t eliminate it. Tactical Jiu-Jitsu Training Program™️ uses strikes (we call them flashbangs) for 1 of 2 reasons: to create space or to distract the threat. When you use striking tactically with a designed purpose and not just to try to hurt or knock someone out, you are using your skills and tactical striking way more effectively.

Takedowns / Takedown Defense:

In the world of physical violence, many people are or feel safe as long as they are on their feet. Well that makes sense because most of us are way more used to standing then laying down and dealing with some physical violence. My Tactical Jiu-Jitsu Training Program™️ teaches you how to avoid getting taken down if necessary but also how to take someone down under the same circumstance. You see, you don’t need to be a master grappler (ground fighter) to take someone down. That is sometimes the most tactically intelligent thing to do when someone is a little too violent or aggressive on their feet and you can’t quite get away. In the end, having a solid understanding of knowing how to avoid going to the ground or how to intentionally put the threat of violence on the ground is an important skill that my Tactical Jiu-Jitsu Training Program™️ will teach you so that you are comfortable with either.

Ground Game:

The ground is a very scary place to be in a violent situation, especially if your not well versed or trained to know what to do there. When you have a fundamental understanding of how to operate on the ground if you are on the bottom or the top in the violent situation, you feel way more confident and prepared should you need to call on those skills. My Tactical Jiu-Jitsu Training Program™️ teaches how to handle the threat from your back, if you end up on top and even if weapons come in to play. However, my program isn’t about turning you in to a master grappler (ground fighter). We know that not everyone has the time it takes to commit to mastering a very difficult arena of self-defense, the ground, but we also know that with the right bag of tricks, the ground doesn’t have to be a scary place you know nothing about but rather become comfortable enough to protect yourself and get back up.