Five Critical Skills Every Gun Owner Must Know

Lesson 5:

How to Properly Reload your Weapon

I go into deep detail on reloading techniques in my full course, but there are essentially two major types of reloads, tactical reload and administrative reload.

Tactical means that your reload is a conscious decision. There’s a lull in the firefight, and you just want to make sure you have a full magazine loaded. You may or may not have ammunition left in your magazine.

Tactical Reload Procedure:
  1. Hold a full magazine firmly between your middle finger and index finger with the bottom of the magazine resting against your palm.
  2. Press the mag release button and grab the discharged magazine between your two pinched fingers.
  3. Angle the new magazine, and push it up until it locks in place.
  4. Put the discarded magazine back in our ammunition pouch or pocket.
Again, this is a tactical reload because you chose to make the reload.
With an administrative reload, you’re in the fight and you’ve run out of ammunition.

Administrative Reload Procedure:

  1. Press the mag release button, and let gravity discharge your magazine to the ground.
  2. Grab your next magazine, angle it into the magazine well and push up with your palm until the new magazine locks in place.

Again, with this procedure, you’re in the thick of a firefight and there is no time to waste.

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