Five Critical Skills Every Gun Owner Must Know

Lesson 2:

How to Properly Hold a Handgun

In this demonstration and in my video series, I am going to use a fake gun whenever I need to point the weapon at a camera for obvious safety reasons.

To properly grip a gun, using your strong hand, take your bottom three fingers (middle, ring and pinky fingers) and wrap them around the gun grip so that your knuckles are lined up in front of the magazine well facing straight forward.

Make sure not to over-rotate your grip. Your knuckles need to be aligned straight ahead.

You can check to make sure you’re gripping correctly by looking at the back of your gun. It should be pointing straight down your arm. That will give you much better control over the weapon.

Next, taking your weaker hand, overlap your fingers over your strong hand, rest your thumb straight down the barrel, and bring your other thumb over as pictured below.

Testing Your Grip

The way to test to see if you have the correct grip is if you open your support hand and your fingers point 45 degrees downward, you have a good, strong grip. If your support fingers are parallel to the ground, then the gun will kick up when it’s fired.

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